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A UNESCO bioshere - Tonle Sap. What is needed to save this valuable natural habitat?

The project breathe! is proposed to provide a permanent long term ecological and communal answer, in responds to the Eleven International Competition 2015. Our site analysis is carried out based on the census and biodiversity data, and it shows that several strategic locations are most urgently needed for a solution. Project Breath! Is a floating structure that provides space for the local including medical aid, research and education, as well as being both a static and mobile ecological filtering and aeration system. It is seen as a reference point where local community can access for health treatment, for learning how to conserve and maintain their most important and valuable habitat, or even for fun!

Rather than traditional consultation room, the medical space is clustered on the lower level and have swing opening to allow direct access from water level. This provides a more welcoming gesture to the local. The research and educational space are interconnected with the filtration facilities such to allow better engagement between each other. The Floating Aeration Machine will also become new friends of the local of Tonle Sap!

One of our main concepts is the use of screens advocating the idea of filtration and spatial interaction. The local who visits this structure experience a unique ambience, both visually and physically.

Let Tonle Sap breathe!

Tonle Sap, Cambodia

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