Located on the 100 years old historical street of Shanghai, Yuyuan 1417 is not just a Concept Design but also a scheme that attempts to question the design brief on “what a bar is”. In contrast to a typical bar with a bar counter, bartender and stools, we have proposed an art gallery type of space which fuses with a catwalk raised platform. The key surfaces of the interior space are lined with black mirror which, on one hand provide a reflective “watery” base that emphasis the floating platforms, and on the other hand, intensify the spatial effect with the placement of a crossing stairs in the middle of the space which itself turns into continual steps up and down. This stair also replaces the typical bar counter and becomes a central art and display unit. Customers will not be sitting along a standard bar counter, but more casually around inside an art infused space.

Shanghai, PRC

Client Private

Size 50sqm

Value /

Status Concept Design

Architecture and Interior Design Consultancy

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