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Designed by O&O Studio, the art installation Interstice, is one of the ten selected exhibits as part of the Bi-City Exhibition of the Hong Kong Interior Design Week (HKIDW) 2022.


Derived from the Latin interstitium, from inter (“between”) + sistō (“to stand”), interstice represents “a state between spaces”. Being used to a walled habitation especially under the past years of the pandemic period, we attempted to find means of virtual spaces, reaching out through gaps for new meanings of life, while the altered social forms in life also enforced many of us bearing crevices within memories. 


The spatially engaging exhibit, INTERSTICES designed by O&O Studio, explores the manipulation of a walled space in relation to the visitors’ memories, allowing us to rock and dream on a revamped kid’s chair, or time-travel through INSTERSTICE as an active space that nurtures spatial dialogues with oneself and among others.


Client Hong Kong Interior Design Association

Size 2.5m x 1.8m x 2.4m

Value /

Status Completed

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