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“Originate – As We Envision, Originate – As We Create”

O&O STUDIO is a Hong Kong based award-winning design studio with an “Out and Outer” aspiration, providing architecture, interior, art installation, and furniture design services.

Co-founded by Suzanne Li and Eric Chan in 2018, O&O believes that each design should be originated from a critical and cohesive process of strategic and visual thinking through to the end users’ evaluation, thus informing the next even more successful project. O&O does not serve standardised formula, but is recognised for nurturing influential design morphology that delivers fresh values to each commission. Eric and Suzanne has over 20 years of extensive experience across the industry. In 2019, O&O established its Shanghai office and invited Liven Gu to join as Partner.

In just 4 years time, O&O has completed several iconic commercial projects including Mooncraft Bar, Atelier Intimo Flagahip in Shanghai, and Siete7 Bar and Restaurant in Shaoxing, and has received over 30 international design awards. O&O’s community engaging public space project, Siu Kai Fong, is a key project that received attention from media and awards across the world, in which it has also been commented by Jinwa Award judges as “a design worthy of attention and learning from peers”.

While the design-led studio encompasses a diverse range of international experience in the building industry, we continue our growth with clients and brands where we are extending our design services covering more typologies including playground and historical buildings renovation. We want our spatial creation to not only perform by itself but as importantly as with the context and the end users, particularly for our next generation.

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