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Hong Kong, PRC

KofeBox is an up and coming coffee roastery brand in Hong Kong. Located in an industrial compound in Chang Sha Wan. A thorough dialogue has been established with the Client from the start, thus leading to a clear spatial arrangement in our design proposal that responds well to Client’s requirement.

The three main spaces: coffee bean storage, office, and roastery workshop, are sensibly arranged from “inside out”. The storage which requires controlled temperature and humidity sits on the deeper end, while the coffee roastery that needs mechanical exhaust and natural daylight for daily operation sit next to the two window bands. Sandwiched between the two areas is the admin office enclosed by translucent glass panels. This allows both privacy and intimacy in which the Client hopes to “get a sense” of what is happening around the entire space.

The roastery space is the central stage of KofeBox where production would take place. It is a space which can be used for occasional roasting class by booking as well as acting as a showroom. The main coffee bean roasting machine is designed to nicely sitting at a pocket. This allows both the workshop and the main roasting station to be overseen by each other, while also giving the roasting machine some privacy for security reason, as it is out of sight from the main entrance.

KofeBox will be opened in Summer 2019.

Client KofeBox

Size 140sqm

Value /

Status On Site

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