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Kofe M is a v.02 of KofeBox, Instead of a pure coffee workshop space, the Client would like to integrate an informal coffee shop with uniquely designed retail space. The current shop unit is a tall and narrow space. Given the the existing structure and MEP pipelines, a mezzaine level is not realistic.

o&o imagined the space as a continuously changing framed space. The ever changing portals are re-invented from the KofeBox logo in the shape of a filter, thus leading to the escalating “M” portals that frame the entire shop unit. o&o studio also applied a refreshing colour scheme as well as neon lit supergraphics.

The front end is the retail space with the coffee station at the central, while the other end is seating and BOH.

Jiangmen, PRC

Client Kofebox

Size 80sqm

Value /

Status Design Development

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