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MOONCRAFT is launched at the Cool Docks, which was originally a grease factory in the Shiliupu era on No. 505 Zhongshan South Road.

The branding of MOONCRAFT integrated all the design elements as one identity. From the bar’s name to its logo, as well as the architectural and interior design, they share the same concept throughout. Imagine the full moon hanging above the Huangpu River, together with the river’s geometry that forms a glass that hold some of the richest history of the city with the yellow lunar gradually dipping into the glass, form the logo of MOONCRAFT.

MOONCRAFT is zoned according to three key functions and features - hand-crafted beer bar, whiskey bar, and the robotic bartender. o&o studio designated a U-shaped bar counter to associate the spatial relationship between the two bars and also “absorb” the existing sheer wall. The concept of the façade is a dockside warehouse inspired weathering steel portals that plugged into the two façade openings which offer much needed depth to the slim brick wall.

At the backside of the bar counter, a champagne s.s. steel portal framed an orderly line of beer taps. Towards the end at the mirror wall, o&o studio also incorporated a half of the Chinese word “Cool”, making use of the mirror to complete its entirety, escalating the joy at MOONCRAFT.

MOONCRAFT, a place that fills with time and stories, for one to sense and embraced with a tipsy and emotional moment. 

Shanghai, PRC

Client Private

Size 130sqm

Value /

Status Completed

Awards A' Design Award 2019 Bronze Winner

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