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The Shiliupu Dock of Shanghai was a place enriched fully with the Shanghai Bund history. It features numbers of longtangs and traditional Shanghainese Shikumen buildings where one can track down all the historical stories happened in this once prosperous era.

Located on No.505 Zhongshan South Road, the Cool Docks was originally a grease factory in the old days. Once a top ten creative hubs in Shanghai, it was renovated in 2018 and is now attracting new restaurants, coffee shops and bars to settle in. MOONCRAFT, among one of them, is launched at this celebrated spot on the South Bund.

The branding of MOONCRAFT integrated all the design elements as one identity. From the bar’s name to its logo, as well as the architectural and interior design, they share the same concept throughout, all by o&o studio.

Imagine the full moon hanging above the Huangpu River, together with the river’s geometry that forms a glass that hold some of the richest history of the city with the yellow lunar gradually dipping into the glass, form the logo of MOONCRAFT. The name “MOONCRAFT“ stands for a place that holds moment of dialogue, enjoying the best craft beet in town under the moon and starry sky adjacent to the South Bund.

Branding / Logo

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