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Designed by Eric Chan, Suzanne Li and TF Li, MR & MRS RAINEE is the First Prize Winner of the Imagine Your Play Spaces – Design Competition Public Play Spaces (Po Wing Road site), co-organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and the Architectural Services Department (ArchSD).

Cultivated with components of basic shapes and colourful rainbow, Po Wing Road in Sheung Shui is planted with a new engaging and immersive playscape for all. The Design Team envisions Po Wing Road as a new community destination with an inclusive, engaging and immersive playscape for all, with components that both make use of and enrich the existing context.

Named as MR & MRS RAINEE, the concept is a fun cultivating farmland with a rainbow inspired play space and components created from three basic shapes – circle, square, and triangle. The fun land rolls out on a series of graphical farming mats. A perimeter length of new wooden seating is created along the edge of the green lush to maximise resting space and the overseeing eyesight on playing kids. The programmed activities are placed strategically but yet with a flow of continuity and connections, while allowing flexibility and freedom on the usage thanks to a variety of pocket spaces.


Client Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Architectural Services Department

Size 1,200sqm

Value /

Status Competition

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