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Building upon on the same Chinese poem “Peach Blossom Beam”, O&O derived two distinctive design for Atelier Intimo, presenting the wonderful picture of a traditional Chinese marriage.

InCity Ningbo has a small floor area of 56sqm. By making use of the central island with the help from ceiling and side wall display, O&O created an illusory Blossom Mirage spatial design.

Central island serves as the key element with staggering oversized leaves, integrated with O&O designed mannequin installation and the reflective circular ceiling, forming a blossoming image.

The two side walls are designed to display in two different ways, where one is a stepping linear mannequin display and another side a semi-circular feature wall peeling off from wall as leaves with hanging racks to provide flexibility on display.  

Ningbo, PRC

Client Atelier Intimo

Size 56sqm

Value /

Status Completed 2020

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