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Traditional Chinese marriage is not only about visual beauty but also forming a new family. 


Referring to roofing method in Chinese architecture, which is comparable to a new bride setting up a new family with new partner, O&O proposed another Atelier Intimo Ningbo shop. 


With a merely 44sqm, O&O put the focus onto the two display walls. Placed in modules from large to small mannequins display, from slate tiles to storage drawers, this orderly feature provides a neat and expressive display format. 


The central island acts as a traditional Chinese garden with displaying racks that tops with elongated roof tiles, tilting to one end, mimicking the rain water flowing along the pitched roof. The mirror finish of the vertical walls seem to extend this garden scene into the household.

Ningbo, PRC

Client Atelier Intimo

Size 44sqm

Value /

Status Completed 2020

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