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​Traditional Chinese furniture and decorations have always been the essence of long-established Chinese culture, and the fundamental elements in the spatial design. 

“Qing” is a new series of installations specially for Atelier Intimo. Derived from traditional Chinese furniture, each piece has its own spirit, morphology and characteristics, while being flexible to be used in combinations, like the form of bonding between Atelier Intimo and o&o studio collaborative approach on each commission.

The series contains a total of 11 pieces of installations in various sizes in order to meet Atelier Intimo’s need. Let us bring you all to visualize a Chinese garden scenery while talking about traditional Chinese furniture. A Chinese pavilion is usually a key feature in the garden, with the pavilion’s pinyin “ting” being the same as resting and holding. The installations series used such concept as a starting point and inspired the central island piece as the first focal point. The gourd shape in mirror stainless steel creates a gathering sense from a feng shui perspective. While serving a resting place for customers, the seating plane also allow displaying space for products. The upper half of this installation form a climbing tree stand structure, with arms extending outwards for hanging products as floating display.

Quoted from Chinese poem and translated as “resting at the pavilion and looking around, with penoy, flowing water circulating around the stone and green”, is like taking a touring look round the central island with various layers of products display in an elegant manner. 

The clothing display are largely relied on the two open style wardrobe which are designed with the screen idea in mind to allow a more transparent and breathable space. The two rectangular and hexagonal installations sit on individual “footbed”, slightly elevated from ground. Both wardrobe is a 3D version of Chinese painting, with the stepping surfaces at the bottom mimicking the stones and mountains and allow different sizes of display as requested by the Client, while the circular antique mirror complete the scene as a hanging sun on the sky.

While the wardrobes are designed for lingerie and half sized clothing, the freestanding garment rack is for full height dresses and robes. Both the rack and full height mirror has been taken reference from traditional freestanding ones, and act as a “buffer” in-between the wardrobes.

A few other objects are designed with a bit of fun. First is a tripod style installation holding a mannequin with light and magnifying glass, creating a sense of exhibition within the retail space. On the side is a series of elevated treasure boxes in varying height, each with 4 operable drawers for small products, and the form allow high flexibility on the arrangement format.

Within the retail space and changing rooms there are a series of hexagonal displaying desks. The design is inspired by the antique Chinese washing tray in the same shape. Again they are set in varying height for display flexibilities in the retail zone, and combined with drawers provision for changing room for additional storage space.

Last but not least, the cashier desk has taken reference of antique Chinese “ping tou an” style, re-interpreted with a solid based for storage purpose. Simple and elegant in its proportion, it is integrated further with a full ground to ceiling height installation for hanging wrapping materials, where this full height installation has again taken cue from the undulating mountain scene of a Chinese painting.

The arrangement of the new installations series has created a flow of “from outside to inside, from pavilion to room” experience, aligning with Atelier Intimo’s branding philosophy.


Client Atelier Intimo

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Status Completed 2020

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