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A competition scheme for the Street Seats: Urban Benches for Vibrant Cities 2018 organised by the Portland Design Museum, Re-LOOP is a public sculpture that engages all ages with many purposes for you to sit on and explore!

Re-LOOP was inspired by the bridges crossing Willamette River throughout Downtown Portland that connects people between different places. It is the essence of forming a vibrant society and Re-LOOP is conceived as a simple interpretation of this connections of people, bringing all kind of visitors from different background to gather and sit together at its own comfort.

The design of Re-LOOP was developed from a traditional bench with a single height. We started to split its form into two divisions allowing one side of the bench to be lowered. With raising, lowering, turning, twisting and looping back to its origin, we eventually formed Re-LOOP as a strong and secured infinite loop that can self-stand, is long-lasting and be easily assembled.

Behaves like a bench for newspaper reading or enjoy a good cup of coffee on a sunny day, it also acts like a table and seat for kids to eat their pack lunch or slide down their favourite toy cars on. Re-LOOP is a series of reclaimed ss steel railing tubes, turned and twisted into an infinite looping object that form seating surfaces at various height for all kind of people as well as pets, encouraging series of interaction between the users and the seat. It also engages users at 360 degrees thus, no matter which way you are coming from, Re-LOOP will present itself to you in a unique form.

Portland, US

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