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Whilst at Spark Architects, Eric Chan led the Renmin Lu project at Kunshan, a 68,757sqm masterplan on the busy junction of Chaoyang Xi Road and Renmin Nan Road with close proximity to the Kunshan city centre. The site is embedded in an existing residential neighbourhood of 5-6 storey buildings and small and medium sized commercial stores. This Renmin Lu development attempts to enhance the richness, diversity and complexity of the Kunshan community.

The masterplan aims to create a new focal point for the community of Kunshan for Client, KCID. A spatial heart and soul in the city which the Renming Lu project will provide, starting from the ambitious program of the site to an architecture that not only is playful and innovative but has unique character. The Spark design is characterized by a variety of different buildings that create a united architectural whole and are as well composed to allow for pockets of individual expression and character depending on their function.

Every community requires a place to congregate and to identify with. The scheme will provide a new district, which will give the neighbourhood a strong identity, reflects its heritage and instils its residents with pride and belonging.

Kunshan, PRC

Client Kunshan City Construction Investment & Development Group Co. Ltd.

Size 68,757sqm

Value RMB 5.4million

Status Design Development

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