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Hong Kong based architecture and interior design practice O&O Studio has completed the design of Siete7, a newly opened seafood restaurant and bar in Yuecheng District of Shaoxing. Located on the ground level of a raised terraced style pairing units, the scheme seeks for a resolution on a co-existing F&B space that inaugurate a spatial dialogue between them.

The 160 square foot space is originally two separate units. The owners acquired these two joining units with the aim of elongating the frontage, allowing a semi-open style restaurant and bar with a changing atmosphere according to the operational hours. While taking as an advantage, with the footprint enlarged by joining up two units, it also means that the floor plate is stretched wide. This also means that the kitchen location being the key factor that largely determines the spatial configuration. Rather than creating deep spaces, O&O takes a bold move by placing a simple yet functional kitchen as a long BOH room at the rear, thus freeing up the entire frontage to begin with.

O&O Studio draws inspiration on “concurrence” and “synchronicity”, placing the bar at the centre as a principal role, with the formal dining space and casual drinking space placed on either side, where it leads a transitional space where different functions co-exist with each other while creating dialogues among them.

Shaoxing, PRC

Client Private

Size 160sqm

Value /

Status Completed

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