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Whilst at Arup Associates, Suzanne was a key member of the Design Team for the Plantation Lane project.

Plantation Place is in the heart of the City of London, and occupies almost a complete city block. Designed for the financial, insurance, and trading markets, it provides an efficient, adaptable and healthy workplace to meet the changing needs of business in the City.

The lower levels of the building respond to the character of the surrounding streets. To maintain the streetlines, the floorplates extend to the site boundary and create deep plan office areas ideal for financial trading operations. The streets around the site are relatively narrow in width and so the facades are designed to be viewed obliquely. Projecting limestone fins create an impression of solidity without reducing the occupants’ external views.

In the mid-levels, where the building rises away from the streetline, current air quality levels allow a mixed mode ventilation strategy at the floor plate perimeter. The facade is a clear glazed double skin. The outer skin protects the opening windows of the inner skin from wind and rain penetration. The double skin facade continues at the upper levels of the building. Here the orthogonal floorplates are resolved volumetrically as two distinctive glass cubes whose presence on the City skyline identifies Plantation Place in its wider urban context.

London, UK

Client The British Land Company PLC

Size 78,300sqm

Value /

Status Completed


Art & Work Awards 2006

RIBA Awards 2005

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